Network principles

Joining the 100% Network website requires committing to the Network’s vision, purpose, and theory of change. Members of this site are dedicated to working toward a 100% clean energy future that is racially and equitably just.

Members commit to actively learn from, assist, and collaborate with their peers and regularly contribute time and effort to collaborative activity conducted on the site. Members agree to:

  • Be an engaged participant in the 100% Network
  • Honor our policy of creating a safe discussion space,
  • Respect the ideas and opinions of fellow members, and maintain an environment that is open, inclusive, and not offensive to any of its members.
  • And follow the Jemez Principles

In order to facilitate member engagement in the website, the website hosts will:

  • Keep members informed of relevant information through emails of appropriate frequency
  • Provide website training to members including: finding relevant information, uploading content, participating in team activities
  • Maintain up-to-date information on Network activities, meetings, and discussions
  • Monitor website activity in order to ensure a safe and respectful discussion space
  • Respond promptly to member feedback

Join the 100% Network

Access a community of practitioners and exclusive resources. Members must abide by our network principles.