The 100% Network On The Road

January 14, 2019 by Kristen Ellingboe

The mission of the 100% Network is to invest in, connect, and elevate community-led and equitable solutions designed in frontline communities, and to foster a more robust network of relationships that can collaboratively demonstrate what it will take to win and build ground-up momentum for an equitable transition to 100 percent clean energy.

One of the ways the 100% Network is working to carry out that mission and to build a multi-racial, multi-sector coalition is through our field trip program. The program, launched in 2018, facilitates trips for Network members to visit communities across the country to learn from frontline organizations and individuals who are driving equitable, clean energy solutions.

Through the field trip program, Network members have the opportunity to learn from proven, on-the-ground solutions that are moving communities to 100 percent clean, renewable energy. The trips also accelerate replication and foster collaboration among Network members from across the country.

So far, the 100% Network has organized field trips to Buffalo, New York with PUSH Buffalo to see how a community reclaimed an abandoned school, led a planning process, and built a clean energy gathering place; to Portland, Oregon to learn from OPAL and hear about the Portland Clean Energy Initiative; to Albuquerque, New Mexico with JUNTOS: Our Air, Our Water to see community-led solutions and tour a nuclear energy and uranium plant; and to East Bay, California with Asian Pacific Environmental Network, Communities for a Better Environment, Local Clean Energy Alliance and Our Power Coalition to learn about local choice and other frontline solutions.

The program will continue in 2019 with more exciting trips planned!


— Kristen Ellingboe supports communications efforts for the 100% Network.

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