Stronger Together. The 100% Network Year in Review

December 30, 2019 by Aiko Schaefer, Director, 100% Network

What a tremendous year we have had together! We saw first-hand the extraordinary work happening in communities across the country, created building blocks for a just 100% policy, launched our website to foster better networking, and grew in numbers and capacity to move our shared vision forward. All this was possible because of our member groups. Here are our highlights and who helped to make it all happen.

We have to start with all the inspiring frontline leaders and groups who hosted us during our national field trips around the US. Thanks to Asian Pacific Environmental Network (CA); The Center Pole (MT); Communities for a Better Environment (CA); Juntos: Our Air, Our Water (NM); Local Clean Energy Alliance (CA); Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica de Puerto Rico (PR); PUSH Buffalo (NY); OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon (OR). It was incredible to see so many members of the 100% Network make these trips to see first hand how communities are creating solutions for a just transition, nearly 150 frontline leaders along with intermediary groups and environmental groups spent days together learning, discussing and building relationships.

While the grassroots program work was being elevated through the field trips, we brought together frontline policy advocates to begin creating an aspirational document that captures what a 100% policy could and should look like that is regenerative and just. We are grateful for the extraordinary expertise of Strela Cervas and Amy Vanderwarker (formerly of California Environmental Justice Alliance, CEJA), Sylvia Chi (Asian Pacific Environmental Network, APEN), Chandra Farley (Partnership for Southern Equity), Clarke Gocker (People United for Sustainable Housing, PUSH Buffalo), Maria Hernandez (OPAL Environmental Justice Oregon), Jill Mangaliman (Got Green), Matt Ohloff (Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement), Jacqui Patterson (NAACP), Suzanne Singer (Native Renewables), and Hannah Sohl (Rogue Climate). 

The core of the 100% Network’s strength is that it brings together non-profits working in frontline/EJ organizations, intermediary groups and greens. Strategizing how we leverage this strength is led by our board made up of leaders from each sector, we are grateful for the time, thought and energy given to the Network. Our Steering Committee meets monthly and in-person two times this year (photo of meeting in Boston in May), the members are Adetola Shabi (Emerald Cities Collaborative), Anthony Giancatarino (Fellow Movement Strategies Center), Ozawa Bineshi Albert (Indigenous Environmental Network), Huy Ong (OPAL Oregon Environmental Justice), Jacqueline Patterson (NAACP), Jessica Tovar (Local Clean Energy Alliance), Jodie Van Horn (Sierra Club), Rahwa Ghirmatzion (PUSH Buffalo), Rev. Leo Woodbury (New Alpha Community Development), Rob Sargent (Environment America), Rudi Navarra and Sarah Shanley Hope (Solutions Project) and Stephan Edel (New York Working Families Project). Read their bios on our website

This summer, we launched our new website ( providing a platform for us to better network, convene and share information. We appreciated all the people who gave us advice and the beta-testers. And we are thankful for all the contributors to blog posts and those who actively post, visit our website to read them.   

Nearly every month we hosted our Learning Call with speakers who brought their expertise and insights to us. Thanks to our speakers this year: Chandar Farley from the Partnership for Southern Equity; John Farrell from the Institute for Local Self Reliance; leaders from NY Renews from the New York City Environmental Justice Alliance, Demos, and the Working Families; Bineshi Albert from the Indigenous Environmental Network; Dave Pomerantz Energy and Policy Institute; Isaac Irby Policy Advisor to US Senator Harris; Denise Fairchild from Emerald Cities Collaborative; Jose de Luna Navarro from Institute for Policy Studies; Ratha Lai from Asia Pacific Environmental Network (APEN) and Our Power Communities Coalition; and, Tanika Thompson with Got Green and Jesus Vasquez with Organización Boricuá de Agricultura Ecológica de Puerto Rico.

This year, after requests from some of our members, we created a new state advocates team. We thought it would be an opportunity to learn more about and share what is happening in states. We’re grateful for those who have made those meetings and contributed their work and thinking to how the network can support state efforts, in particular groups that engaged actively including GRID Alternatives, Vote Solar, Institute for Local Self Reliance, Community Power, Demos and many more state advocates.

In our on-going work to build alignment and foundational agreements, we worked in 2019 on writing our shared principles. This effort was led by Steering Committee members Jessica Tovar, Anthony Giancatarino, Bineshi Albert, Estefany Gonzalez Mendoza, Josephine Young, Matt Ohloff and Reverend Leo Woodbury.

The work of the 100% Network is completed solely by contractors. As a small project, we rely on seasoned individuals to keep building and shaping our work. Deep gratitude to Christopher Ramirez for taking on our special initiative, the national field trips, as well as his on-going leadership in the network, including leading up the creation of our principles. We are thankful for Kristen Ellingboe who managed the creation of our website and coordinated the initial content creation. Also bringing their rich history and expertise of policy advocacy as former co-directors of the California Environmental Justice Alliance, Strela Cervas led the writing and research for our building blocks document, and Amy Vanderwarker provided project management and facilitation for the frontline leaders/authors meetings and work 

Through the generous support of the 11th Hour Project, The Kresge Foundation, The Sierra Club Foundation, Seventh Generation, and The Sierra Club Ready for 100 Campaign, we were able to accomplish all of this work. The 100% Network was also able to provide grants to frontline groups to host field trips and to cover expenses for frontline leaders to be part of our meetings and field trips. 

We appreciate the support of our fiscal sponsors. We are grateful for our founding sponsor, Movement Strategies Center for all they did to support us in our early years. This year we changed our fiscal agent and are now housed at Community Initiatives, and are excited to partner with them

This year we grew to become 100 groups for 100%! We hope that you will continue to be engaged and invite others to join us. Together we can build the shared knowledge, commitment for a just transition to 100% and build the collaborative relationships we need to win. I wish you an amazing new year and look forward to working harder together in 2020.

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