How can I join the 100% Network? What are the requirements of Network membership?

Network membership is open to individuals who support and/or are actively working towards a racially and equitably just transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future. Joining the 100% Network requires committing to the Network’s vision, and purpose. Becoming a member also requires agreeing to our set of guiding rules and principles to ensure a productive and equitable community. You can request access to the 100% Network or invite someone else to join.

Who is a part of the 100% Network?

The 100% Network brings together a diverse set of organizations, from frontline leaders to intermediary organizations to national environmental groups, who are invested in working to identify, share, and promote solutions that will advance the transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future that is racially and equitably just. Over 75 local, regional and national organizations participate in the Network.

What type of content is allowed to be shared on the 100% Network website?

The 100% Network is a community of practitioners committed to sharing and learning together about how to effectively transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future. The 100% Network website aims to be a space for network members to connect and collaborate with one another. Any information relevant to our work is encouraged. Plagiarism, hate speech, or any unlawful conduct will not be tolerated.   

Can I re-share or re-post content I find on the 100% Network website?

The 100% Network website seeks to be a valuable resource for Network members. Information and resources posted on the site can and should be shared with other practitioners working towards a 100% clean energy future. However, nothing shared on the 100% Network website should be publicly re-published without the original poster’s consent.

Join the 100% Network

Access a community of practitioners and exclusive resources. Members must abide by our network principles.