About us

The 100% Network brings together a diverse set of organizations, from frontline leaders to intermediary organizations to national environmental groups, who are invested in working to identify, share, and promote solutions that will advance the transition to a 100% clean, regenerative energy future that is equitable and just.


The 100% Network builds on initiatives and alliances already in place at the global, national, regional, and local levels. Many groups in the U.S. and around the world are creatively campaigning for 100% clean energy targets, mobilizing diverse audiences, and working to overcome obstacles to scale clean energy solutions that ensure access, opportunity, and affordability for all people. The 100% Network seeks to:

  • Unite our organizations and the movement behind a commitment to advocating for an equitable and just transition to a 100% clean energy future for all.
  • Create a hub to share knowledge and lessons learned about how to successfully achieve a fair and just transition to 100% renewable energy, beginning with those most adversely impacted by fossil fuel energy.
  • Explore opportunities to collaborate on campaigns that expand 100% renewable energy to great numbers of institutions, communities, cities, and regions.
  • Connect and empower local efforts in pursuit of 100% renewable energy targets by providing greater access to information, amplification, and resources.
  • Bridge movements and invite missing voices from the current clean energy chorus to participate in shaping the vision and strategies to get to 100% clean energy.


We envision transformed, healthy, thriving communities across the country, powered 100% by community-based, clean, renewable energy sources. We envision a future where our workforce thrives from a just transition to a clean energy economy grounded in secure, safe, and sustainable jobs, and a future where people of low income and people of color are empowered to lead the movement for equitable clean energy and advance racial, economic, and environmental justice.

100% Network Steering Committee

Adetola Shabi, Emerald Cities Collaborative
Anthony Giancatarino, Fellow Movement Strategies Center
Chandra Farley, Partnership for Southern Equity

Estefany Carrasco-González, Chispas/LCV

Huy Ong, OPAL Oregon Environmental Justice
Jacqueline Patterson, NAACP
Jessica Tovar, Local Clean Energy Alliance
Rahwa Ghirmatzion, PUSH Buffalo
Rev. Leo Woodbury, New Alpha Community Development, Florence South Carolina
Sarah Shanley Hope, Solutions Project

100% Network Staff

Aiko Schaefer, Director

You can see background and biography information about our Leadership and Staff here.

The 100% Network is a fiscally sponsored project of Community Initiatives. Over 100 local, regional and national organizations participate in the Network. 

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